Sunday, 12 June 1994
Kimball's Carnival
Emeryville, CA, USA
Rova Saxophone Quartet with Mr. Bungle
[No setlist details]
CV Database article by Sean Cooper
"Designed by Rova's Jon Raskin as a series of compositions and structured (and not-so structured) improvisations, the performances were unabashed interplays of high and low reminiscent of (not surprisingly) Cobra, Naked City and (more surprisingly) the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Britain's AMM. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance played as often with a crappy little microphone and tremolo bar as with a pick, and bassist Trevor Dunn spent more than half the night on a stand-up (which, by the way, he wielded expertly). Two of the pieces, "Chapter 269: Death" and "The Sound of Bad History" featured text by Bay Area poets Lyn Hejinian and Barrett Watten spoken, sputtered, and wailed as only Mike Patton can (somewhere between the Boredoms' Yamatsuka Eye and Napalm Death), while just about every piece featured some variation of antiphony between members of Rova and Patton's distorted gasps. In other words, there was plenty of technique, it just ceased to be any more important than, say, autoreferential random chaos."