Faith No More
Saturday, 14 June 1986
Club Lingerie
Los Angeles, CA, USA
supported by Dumptruck and Sea Hags
[Setlist from memory]
We Care A Lot
Chinese Arithmetic

Los Angeles Times 16th June 1986 (Steve Hochman): "Saturday at Club Lingerie [...] San Francisco's Faith No More followed with a loud, drum-heavy set ranging from a U2-like instrumental to the cynical rap anthem "We Care a Lot." The quintet's motley, mangy presentation recalled L.A. bad boys Thelonious Monster."

Los Angeles Times, 8 June 1986, page 71
LA Weekly, 13-19 June 1986, page 73 and 77
-- "SF "?" rockers Faith No More"
-- "Faith No More, whose 'We Care A Lot' is a bona fide underground anthem. The reference point might be Killing Joke, but this San Francisco group of exotic pop-thrashers have a grungy niche all of their own, and they're just waiting for a few good minds to cave in. Pick your pretty poison..."

LA Weekly review of the show says FNM played a "U2 like instrumental" - our guess/speculation is that this is Chinese Arithmetic, which had only recently been written (see Small Victories) and is played as an instrumental until later in the year.
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