Faith No More
Friday, 13 June 1986
Hollywood, CA, USA
with Grand Manner and Maids of Honor
[No setlist details]
Flyer on ebay -- Doors open 9:30pm, no age limit

LA Weekly, 13-19 June 1986, page 76
-- "A band from Frisco who care a lot, and sound like they've been listening to too many English records (hey, they care a lot!), some guys called Faith No More, who have a new record entitled We Care A Lot (Well, that's good, 'cause I don't give a shit)"

LA Weekly "La Dee Da" in June 1986 says at the Club Lingerie show on the 14th was, "Carlos Guitarlos with a baseball bat, seeking retribution over a fracas with a Faith No More girlfriend the night before at Raji's".