Faith No More
Thursday, 26 November 1992
Brixton Academy
London, England
supported by L7
The Final Countdown remix
Falling To Pieces
Land Of Sunshine
Zombie Eaters
Midlife Crisis
outro Tom Cochrane, "Life Is A Highway"
Chinese Arithmetic
intro Ween, "The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo"
Surprise! You're Dead!
Be Aggressive
Introduce Yourself
Easy (Commodores)
Crack Hitler
We Care A Lot
middle Kris Kross, "Warm It Up"
Woodpecker From Mars
outro En Vogue, "Free Your Mind"

From Out Of Nowhere
Let's Lynch The Landlord (Dead Kennedys)
Edge Of The World
A Small Victory
CV Database
Audience recording
"Teach Me Violence" fanzine article
Sticker with L7 tour dates
The crowd chants You Fat Bastard in time with the remix tape.
Patton: "oh shit shit oh fuck oh shit oh no! Not again! Not again!"
During Chinese Arithmetic intro, Roddy: "Mike Bordin. He starts this song. Do you like this beat? I like it."
Before RV, Patton: "What are you guys drinking this evening?"

Before Be Aggressive:
- Roddy: This next song's for all the boys in the house
- Patton: All the boys make this noise. Is that what you sound like when you cum? That's what I do!

Before Jizzlobber:
- Patton: I gotta tell you something man
- Roddy:??? tell you something. 
- Patton: I'm having a bit of a hard time concentrating tonight, and I have to tell you why. See I put a little dent in my microphone you see. Dent... And it's just about the size of the dimple on John Travolta's chin. And every time I put my mouth here, I just, I have this imagery of suckling on John Travolta's face. And then I'll start laughing.
- Roddy: Why does that make you laugh?
- Patton: I don't know it's just... I think it's... I don't know.
- Roddy: It's not really funny ha ha...
- Patton: It's not really funny ha ha.... Kind of peculiar. I apologise.

After Edge Of The World Puffy keeps playing drums, Patton: "It appears as if our drummer wants to keep playing this song. Being a democracy, the rest if of, the four of us, and that's a majority, we vote to move on."
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