Faith No More
Saturday, 24 June 1995
Isle Of Calves Festival
Oslo, Norway
with Slash's Snakepit, Clawfinger + more
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
What A Day
Easy (Commodores)
Introduce Yourself
Glory Box (Portishead)
Get Out
Caralho Voador
King For A Day
Digging The Grave
Just A Man

We Care a Lot
From Out of Nowhere
I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)

Let's Lynch the Landlord (Dead Kennedys)
Take This Bottle
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First day of two day festival
Audience recording (
Witness (thanks Eric)
Before Midlife Crisis: "This song's not going away is it? We're fucked."
Roddy's samples aren't working properly in Midlife Crisis.
Before Gentle Art: "How you doing in there Dean? Say hi to everybody Dean? Stay like that man you need some colour? You guys mind if he plays the rest of the set right there?"
Before Evidence:
- Patton: "You're here on the wrong day... tomorrow"
- Bill: "Why don't we tell them about that secret concert we're doing tomorrow."
- Patton: "All I know it's in Israel."
During Evidence: "Turn around and show 'em yer ass" (Dean spends much of the sent with his pants down)
Before Caffeine: "Dean Menta! Move you're ass!"
In the middle of Caffeine Patton finds a wallet on stage and invites the own on stage, "Meanwhile this whole time the band has been playing - you know why? They're waiting for me... Sometimes I get all wrapped up in conversation with my friends, my real friends. The show won't go on until I get my shit together..."
Before Just A Man: "We have one more sunny weather tune for you" - "It's been a beautiful day hasn't it?"
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1990 Faith No More: Parkpop Festival, Zuiderpark, Den Haag Netherlands
1992 Faith No More: CANCELLED Flanders Expo, Gent Belgium
2001 Fantômas: Hurricane Festival, Scheessel Germany
2005 Fantômas: Fury Festival, Le Mans France
2007 Peeping Tom: Metropolis, Fremantle WA, Australia
2009 Faith No More: Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki Finland
2015 Faith No More: Schwuz, Berlin Germany
2017 Fantômas: Toolfest, Glen Helen Amphitheater, San Bernardino CA, USA
2018 Dead Cross: Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel Belgium
2022 Faith No More: CANCELLED Tons Of Rock, Oslo Norway
2024 Mr. Bungle: 013 Poppodium, Tilburg Netherlands