Faith No More
Monday, 28 April 1997
Electric Garden
Stockholm, Sweden
Digging The Grave
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
Ashes To Ashes
Naked In Front Of The Computer
We Care A Lot
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Home Sick Home
Land Of Sunshine
Introduce Yourself
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Surprise! You're Dead!
From Out Of Nowhere

Paths Of Glory
CV Database
Audience recording
Expressen, 29th April 1997, page 47, gig review
Jon's first full gig with Faith No More.

Before Ashes To Ashes: "Up to here with fisk. Want to smell my breath?"
Before We Care A Lot: "Old chestnut for all you parents of children, and all you old farts too."
Before the solo in Easy: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Jon Hudson!"
Before the solo in Evidence: "Jon Hudson!"
Before Home Sick Home: "Alright, this song's a brand new one, you guys like to drink beer?"
Before Last Cup Of Sorrow:
Roddy: "Now ah, we play another new song.
Bill: " New songs are better right?"
Patton: "We're doing a market survey. Those who prefer the new songs? And the old standbys let's see a show of hands? Well fuck you then because we prefer the new ones."
Roddy: "You understand nostalgia?"
Patton: "Good movie..."
After Last Cup Of Sorrow:
Patton: "Did you hear the mistake in that song? The drummer! Come on up here. A glass of red wine for the winner. This man is the only one who comes to a rock concert and listens!"
After Epic: "From the 1991 album The Real Thing that was Faith No More. On KROQ 107.7. Thank you Stockholm!"
After returning for encore:
Roddy: "Thanks very much Stockholm. We haven't played a show in Faith No More for almost two years. How does it sound?"
Patton: "Like we haven't played in two years right?"
Roddy: "We're going to play a couple more new ones, ready?"
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