Faith No More
Wednesday, 15 April 2015
PNE Forum
Vancouver, BC, Canada
supported by Christeene
Land of Sunshine
Sunny Side Up
Get Out
Midlife Crisis
Last Cup Of Sorrow
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Cuckoo For Caca
King For A Day
Ashes To Ashes

Sol Invictus
We Care A Lot
Digging The Grave

From The Dead
Sunnyside Up, Sol Invictus and From The Dead live debuts

After Motherfucker:
- Roddy: Hello canucks!

After Caffeine:
- Roddy: Vancouver! Good evening.
- Patton: Buenos dias. Ah.... thirty years I think, or twenty?
- Roddy: Twenty five
- Patton: Eh let's go with thirty. I haven't seen you in thirty years. You look like shit. But we look worse. All good.

Before Evidence:
- Patton: Hey man. We need a break. Anybody got an espresso maker around here?

During Evidence:
- Patton: Wash away your motherfuckin' phone man

After Evidence:
- Patton: Yes sir. Young blood. You feeling romantic young blood?!

Before Sunny Side Up:
- Patton: How about a new one? Ehh fuck it. What can happen?

After Sunny Side Up:
- Patton: You like that shit?

During Midlife Crisis pause, after Boz jam:
- Patton: hit me one time, hit me two times, hit me 18 motherfuckin' times

Before King For A Day:
- Roddy: Thank you ladies and gentlemen. How're we doin'? Are we all connected now?
- Patton: Did you guys understand what he just said?
- Roddy: I don't speak Canadian I'm sorry
- Patton: Don't speak the lingo
- Roddy: I'm speaking a little pidgin
- Patton: Eh did the Canuck's win eh?
- Roddy: Are we all connected eh?
- Patton: Ok wait a second...

During King For A Day intro:
- Patton: If you're gonna throw a lighter you better throw a fuckin' cigarette

After King For A Day:
- Patton: Thank you guys. Thank you. Are we enjoying the night? Thumbs up... thumbs up. OK who's hatin' it? Who's hatin' life right now. Show me some thumbs down. Anybody. Ok we got one, why?! Coz you didn't get your fix today motherfuckin' junkie? I'm kidding I'm kidding. So you don't like it right, it sucks, it's not so cool? It's ok. I still wanna suck your dick, it's ok. Would you like to do that? He actually nodded yes, for the record. I'm not getting accused of rape after the show.
- Roddy: He's not that good at it.
- Patton: I'm actually horrible.
- Roddy: A lot of teeth

Before Sol Invictus, on return for encore:
- Roddy: Thank you ladies and gentlemen. You guys are so nice. Thank you. Soooooo, sooooo.....
- Patton: So Canadians are nice.
- Roddy: ... oooooooooooo ...
- Patton: Why are you guys so fucking nice? Can I ask anyone? Is there, like a, short explanation? Do you have one? No, you're a hockey guy I'm not talking to you. Sonics, no, shut up motherfucker. Why are you so nice?
- Roddy: And happy! Happy.
- Patton: Are you just happy? Is life just so fucking good here? Is that the deal? I'm ok with that. I'm not making fun of you, I'm just saying, man you're lucky. Good for you. You happy motherfuckers.
- Roddy: So here you go happy motherfuckers. This song is the title track of our new record that's coming out like next month, and I only bring it up because we've never played it before. So this is kinda of uh.... a little bit of pressure.
- Patton: That's code for we're gonna fuck it up.
- Roddy: You don't know it actually, but you know what I love, when you know the crowd, like I'm gonna start the song, you guys don't know it, you've never heard it before, but give it a minute, listen to it, and then cheer like you do recognise it. Do that for me, I love when audiences do that. So just give it a second and then woah! OK so I'm gonna start, you guys got your part. Here we go...

After Sol Invictus:
- Patton: You like that shit?

After We Care A Lot:
- Patton: That was weird right? Was that weird for you guys? Ok. You know how when you have like, buttsex for the first time, and it's kinda like "was that ok for you?" You have to ask, you have to ask, it's polite.

After Digging The Grave:
- Patton: Thanks a lot guys. See you soon.

On return for second encore:
- Bill: That last song was an experiment, but this takes experimentation to a whole new level.
- Roddy: We're gonna play a filthy hippy jam for you, because we're filthy hippies from San Francisco.
- Bill: He's not joking either.
- Patton: Sorry guys, this is a new thing for me. Pretending to be a hippy. Do I look like one? Am I doing ok?
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1995 Faith No More: Alternative Nation, Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney NSW, Australia
2004 Fantômas: In The Venue, Salt Lake City UT, USA
2005 Fantômas: Phoenix Theatre, Toronto Ontario, Canada
2007 Peeping Tom: Park West, Chicago IL, USA