Faith No More
Thursday, 14 May 2015
Webster Hall
New York, NY, USA
supported by Le Butcherettes
Be Aggressive
Sunny Side Up
Get Out
Midlife Crisis
interlude Boz Scaggs, "Lowdown"
Everything's Ruined
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
We Care a Lot
with Rahzel
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes

From Out of Nowhere
Before Midlife Crisis:
- Patton: New York!
- Roddy: He's here, he's here, he's here.
- Patton: You ?singing? celebrities?
- Roddy: You know that, "who's here..... I'm here" - You know that?
- Patton: No, I don't know that
- Roddy: Can anyone name that tune, I just thought about it, ???. Can you name that tune. It's a New York movie. "Who's here, I'm here." It's a murderer, that's a hint. I'll let you sit on that.
- Patton: Sit on that. Don't look at us as if we're fucking crazy. That's ok. Thanks for showing up.

After Easy:
- Roddy: Nicely done New York. Like canaries, you're like birds.

We Care A Lot intro:
- Patton: Special guest, special guest! Rahzel.
- Rahzel: New York city! Make some noise!

We Care A Lot intro is extended to give Rahzel time to beatbox. The middle of the song includes a rap by Rahzel, lyrics attempted to be be transcribed here:

Make room for the big band to enter
That silver chest with the bird in the centre
No chance you can fly south for the winter.
Captain combo ??
Sealy posturepedic on ??
Sleepy ??? what you never heard em?
What the suits ya, what ever suits ya.
Live like ??? like the future.
Pick a position, we'll recruit ya.
??? Vee Gees on the way to Saint Lucia
Put a cape on my back, they call me super.
In and out of the loop I am the future.
Ugh, no jokes, no Ashton Kutcher.
Ugh, Let me touch ya, I might rush ya.
I got ??? set like a butcher

Before Superhero:
- Patton: Thank you New York
- Roddy: Ah what a wonderful audience, thanks you guys. Thank for being here.
- Patton: You guys are really happy.
- Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen I live. That's right Roddy live here amongst you people.
- Patton: Local!
- Roddy: I just wanted to put that out there. We see each other on the street. ?? let's chat. We're ?? friends. We have a new record coming out on um...
- Patton: When is it?
- Roddy: ... real soon. Real soon, any day now. This is a song off that record.
- Patton: New song, and last song.

After Superhero:
- Patton: New York City. Thank you very much.
- Roddy: Thanks so much you guys, sweet.

Before Matador:
- Roddy: Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. So nice of you to have us, thank you.
- Patton: Not only they have us once, but twice. Jesus. Oh look, I got a tip, I got a tip. Roddy. I got a tip. Check it out. Ugh... one dollar. If I had boobs, I would have ??? What, you want it? Hah, ok...
- Roddy: You can put that down, stick it right up your ass.
- Patton: Someone's been in strip clubs before. You know what I mean.
- Roddy: I'm just saying the people are ruined. They hate it. Do what you do, but the people behind you are hating it. It's all good.

After From Out Of Nowhere:
- Roddy: Thanks so much you guys, I've had a lot of fun, thank you. Really, thanks a lot for having us.
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1990 Faith No More: Nachtwerk, Munich Germany
1992 Faith No More: Marquee Club, London England
1995 Faith No More: Malibu, Lido Beach NY, USA
1997 Faith No More: Astoria, London England
2003 Tomahawk: Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH, USA
2004 Fantômas: Frison, Fribourg Switzerland
2006 General Patton vs The X-Ecutioners: Irving Plaza, New York NY, USA
2023 Mr. Bungle: House Of Blues, Las Vegas NV, USA
2024 Mr. Bungle: Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville TN, USA