Faith No More
Saturday, 27 June 2015
Provinssirock Festival
Seinäjoki, Finland
Be Aggressive
Black Friday
Everything's Ruined
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Separation Anxiety
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes

Digging the Grave
I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
Over three days 24th to 27th.
YouTube videos (not fully confirmed) - couldn't confirm Midlife Crisis interlude
Before Midlife Crisis Patton challenges those riding the Ferris wheel to piss off it, "that's a standing challenge fuckers."

Before Spirit:
- Bill: ... so easy. You don't know what he's asking you to do.
- Roddy: I'm not kidding you though, last night in Sweden. No friends.
- Patton: Fuck that shit.
- Roddy: I'm just saying I didn't make any friends last night.
- Patton: Right?
- Roddy: Zero
- Patton: I have an idea. Check out the No Worries Motel over there.
- Roddy: Yeah I see it.
- Patton: Don't you think that you could like troll over there?
- Roddy: Alright. One of you sexy motherfuckers want gonna meet me over that hotel after the set?
- Patton: All the freeky Fins! No Worries Motel! On us!
- Roddy: I will fuckin' be there alright! Make me.
- Patton: On that note. Channel your inner Zen. Come on. We're your fucking yoga instructors tonight. Faith No More yoga. Ok? What's the first step of fucking yoga? Besides being naked? Chanting....
- Roddy: Feel it feel it feel it...
- Patton: Go ahead, channel it. We're not gonna start the song until you feel it.

Before I Started A Joke:
- Patton: Alright let's end on a nice note ok? Coz it looks like it's about to rain out there. hehehe. I'm just kidding! This will make you happy ok? Thanks you guys again for listening really appreciate it. And I hope we'll see you again, last time was far too long.
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1990 Faith No More: Joval, Munster Germany
1992 Faith No More: Stadio Della Alpi, Turin Italy
1993 Faith No More: Sunstroke Festival, Dalymount Park, Dublin Ireland
2001 Fantômas: Goa Boa Festival, Genova Italy
2003 Tomahawk: CANCELLED Elysee Montmarte, Paris France
2005 Fantômas: Plazza Castello, Ferrara Italy
2009 Faith No More: Peace & Love Festival, Borlänge Sweden
2018 Dead Cross: Markthalle, Hamburg Germany
2022 Faith No More: CANCELLED In The Park, Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki Finland
2024 Mr. Bungle: Tons of Rock Festival, Oslo Norway