Faith No More
Saturday, 03 May 1997
Élysée Montmartre
Paris, France
supported by Treponem Pal
Elvis Caesars Palace live intro
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
Ashes To Ashes
Naked In Front Of The Computer
We Care A Lot
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores)
Home Sick Home
Land Of Sunshine
Introduce Yourself
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Surprise! You're Dead!
King For A Day
Just A Man

Paths Of Glory

Got That Feeling
MC intro: "Ladies and Gentlemen, fresh (from the ???) Eiffel Tower, Faith No More!"

Jon gets a bit too excited starting the Easy guitar solo (the part neither Dean nor Jim used to play) which confuses the rest of the band, "I'm sorry"

Between Evidence and Home Sick Home:
Roddy: "We'll play a new song now alright?"
Patton: "It's a drum solo."
Roddy: "You like it?"
Patton: "Kind of a minimalist approach. Very modern. Open your mind!"

Before King For A Day: "Cuisine traditionnelle"
Patton's vocals are inaudible for the first few lines of "King For A Day"

Before Collision:
Bill: "Who came here to rock'n'roll?!"
Patton: "Who came here to fall down?"
Bit of a false start on Collision.

Before Got That Feeling, Bill: "Listen, we have a new record coming out in three weeks so ah, we're doing new songs. Like this one."
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1990 Faith No More: Noorderligt, Tilburg Netherlands
1995 Faith No More: Austin Music Hall, Austin TX, USA
2003 Tomahawk: Slim's, San Francisco CA, USA