Faith No More
Thursday, 15 October 1992
The Boathouse
Norfolk, VA, USA
supported by Helmet
The Final Countdown remix
Death March
Land Of Sunshine
Zombie Eaters
Midlife Crisis
outro Tom Cochrane, "Life Is A Highway"
As The Worm Turns
Chinese Arithmetic
intro Madonna, "Vogue"
Surprise! You're Dead!
Be Aggressive
outro Bay City Rollers, "Saturday Night"
Introduce Yourself
Easy (Commodores)
Crack Hitler
We Care A Lot
middle Helmet, "Turned Out"
outro Pearl Jam, "Jeremy"
Woodpecker From Mars
outro En Vogue, "Free Your Mind"

A Small Victory
Let's Lynch The Landlord (Dead Kennedys)
CV Database
Audience recording

Daily Press, 18 September 1992, page 19 InRoads - tickets $12.50, 8pm
Daily Press, 9 October 1992, page 14
Alan Sculley in Daily Press - 9th Oct 1992 - " Catch Faith No More and Helmet Thursday at The Boathouse. The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12.50"
Daily Press, 9 October 1992, page 16 InRoads - "Norfolk Scope"
Daily Press, 15 October 1992, page D2 - plays tonight
In the middle of Chinese Arithmetic, Patton: "Hey it's Sean Penn, hi Sean Penn, how are you?"
Someone (Bill?) yells "I love Madonna" in the middle of Chinese Arithmetic.

Before Be Aggressive, Bill: "This next song inspired me to grown a moustache"

Before Easy:
- Roddy: I found a carpet snake. How did this get all the way over here does that always happen?
- Patton: I found a toothbrush with hair on it
- Roddy: Haha oh my god that must have been up someone's butt. You guys hear that story?
- Patton: It doesn't actually smell that bad
- Bill: Tell the story!
- Roddy: It's kinda long... Want to hear it? It's a pretty good one though. About a Jamaica vacation.
- Bill: Oh just tell em
- Roddy: Well, right, this couple they went on a vacation in Jamaica, and then, like, their room got ransacked. And they came back to their room and it's like what's going on, you know? Everything was torn out of their drawers and everything, they're all confused. They asked the maids, they said, what happened, did you guys see any, like ah... people ransacking our room? They said no, we don't know what they're talking about. So they went home, they got home from their vacation and got their pictures developed. And they were like, hehe, these ah... in their rolls... apparently they'd left their camera in their room, and these, like, Rastafarian dudes would come into their room and they're jumping on the bed with ladies underwear on their heads like jumping around and they had the couple's toothbrushes stuck up their butts and they took pictures.
- Jim: Isn't that a cool trick
- Patton: I wish someone would do that to me. That'd be pretty cool wouldn't it?
- Roddy: How does that toothbrush taste?
- Patton: It's kinda hairy
- Roddy: You floss?

Before Jizzlobber:
- Roddy: *heavy breathing* Does anyone else have a hard-on?
- Patton: That always happens for me right about now too actually

After Jizzlobber, Roddy: "I hit my head pretty bad..."

Before A Small Victory, Patton: "Pretty good cheer leader isn't he? If it wasn't for him we'd never get encores hehe. You're all wearing earplugs tonight? Just checking? It's fun to be a wimp yes..."
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1989 Faith No More: Ritzy's Club, Aberdeen Scotland
1990 Faith No More: McNichols Arena, Denver CO, USA
2021 Faith No More: CANCELLED T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas NV, USA