Faith No More
Monday, 18 January 1993
Freeborn Hall, University of Davis
Davis, CA, USA
supported by Babes in Toyland and Kyuss
The Final Countdown remix
Falling To Pieces
Land Of Sunshine
Zombie Eaters
Midlife Crisis
Chinese Arithmetic
intro Westbam, "Forward Ever, Backward Never"
Surprise! You're Dead!
Be Aggressive
outro Bay City Rollers, "Saturday Night"
Introduce Yourself
Easy (Commodores)
Crack Hitler
We Care A Lot
middle Del tha Funky Homosapien, "Mistadobalina"
Woodpecker From Mars
outro En Vogue, "Free Your Mind"

Sweet Dreams (Nestles)
Edge Of The World
Let's Lynch The Landlord (Dead Kennedys)

Nancy Sinatra, "You Only Live Twice"

Death March
Mark Bowen
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Soundboard recording
Sacramento Bee, 4 Dec 1992, page 22 Ticket on sale now - $17.50-22.50
Sacramento Bee, 20 Jan 1993, page 3 Scene - gig review

Kyuss "On tour with Faith No More" postcard with support dates post
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In intro someone (Jim?) shouts "Sausage! Sausage!"
In Falling To Pieces intro, Patton: "Oh looks like the quaaludes wore off"
During Zombie Eaters intro verses, Patton: "How many of you people are getting As this semester?"
During Easy intro, Patton: "This song is dedicated to all your parents."
Before Jizzlobber:
- Roddy: "How are you? You doing alright. You having as much fun as I think you're having? (crowd cheers) Oh sorry"
- Patton: "Are you guys smoking any cigarettes out there today?"
- Roddy: "oh no no no no no"
- Patton: "Don't you dare. It's against the law, you know that?"
- Roddy: "Do not smoke."
- Patton: "But if you've got any we'd love to smoke for ya."
- Roddy: "I smoke."
- Patton: "We'll all smoke for this song, just for you."

Patton shouts "Praise the Lord!" in Jizzlobber outro

After Epic, Roddy: "Good luck with the classes. Remember, you are our future!"

After returning for encore:
- Roddy: "Thank you very much, we're easy, we're pretty easy, we'll do whatever."
- Patton: "Whatever you want."
- Bill: "What song y'all wanna hear? We got any Spin Doctors fans? We'll do a little Spin Doctors song for ya."
- Patton: "hey I hear the Spin Doctors are from Davis. I hear they're Davis graduates."
- Bill: "I read an interview they said they were from Davis, California."
- Roddy: "The Spin Doctors, is that true? They're from here?"
- Patton: "Yeah I heard the singer was a forestry major."

During Kindergarten, Patton: "Why don't you let us know what your needs are. How are we supposed to know?!"

During Sweet Dreams, Patton: "You know you guys can fight back. If our drummer throws a drum stick at you, wait outside at the bus and kick his fucking ass"

Bill stops playing some way into the Let's Lynch The Landlord intro:
- Bill: "I always wonder you're gonna start that"
- Patton: "I could have started it right then"
- Roddy: "I think that piano roll is a good cue"
- Patton: "I think, if I were to have five or ten dollars to bet, I would have bet that it would have started right then"
- Bill: "I was waiting"
- Roddy: "it works for me then"
- Patton: "Did you guys think it was gonna start right on that down beat?"
- Bill: "I was so excited I lost it"
- Patton: "Let's take a vote what do you say?"
- Roddy: "Let's just try it again"
- Patton: "hell yeah I'll vote. Fuck yeah, rock the vote."

The using end of set tape "You Only Live Twice" plays, but the band return for a third encore.

After encore, Jim: "That's really it, thanks, see ya."
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1987 Mr. Bungle: Topper's 856 Club, Arcata CA, USA
1990 Faith No More: The Bayou, Georgetown DC, USA
2000 Mr. Bungle: Club Rio, Tempe AZ, USA
2009 Fantômas: Big Day Out, Gold Coast QLD, Australia