Faith No More
Sunday, 05 July 2009
Ruisrock Festival
Turku, Finland
Reunited (Peaches & Herb)
Land of Sunshine
part sung in Spanish
Surprise! You're Dead!
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo for Caca
Easy (Commodores)
Ashes to Ashes
Midlife Crisis
interlude White Stripes, "Seven Nation Army"
I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Be Aggressive
Just a Man

Chariots Of Fire (Vangelis)
Mark Bowen

This Guy's in Love with You (Burt Bacharach)
We Care a Lot
After Caffeine, Patton: "Thank you. Where you guys all going? Get the fuck out you freeloaders!"
Before Cuckoo, Patton: "Everybody ok? It's about to get ugly in here..."
Just before Easy solo, Patton: "Give the guitar player some love... here he goes!"
In Midlife Crisis intro, Patton: "This song definitely deserves the cane"
Midlife Crisis pauses, let's crowd sing. Patton sings Seven Nation Army beat.
After Be Aggressive, Patton: "You fucking win Turku, you win!"

Before Just A Man:
- Patton: Wow... Thanks for sticking around you fucking Finns.
- Roddy: Ladies and Gentlemen this is the last show of the Faith No More tour this evening. This is the last one.
- Patton: This it?
- Roddy: Thank you very much for being here for us tonight.
- Bill: How the fuck about that huh?!
- Roddy: We would also like to say thank you very much to our wonderful crew who has helped us through this tour.
- Patton: Yeah they're not bad. Why don't you guys come out here and take a bow.
- (little jam, with elements of White Stripes)
- Roddy: Come on ladies and gentlemen they're a little bit shy.
- Patton: You chicken shits... Well they're all English so they're kinda puritans and stuff.
- Roddy: Yeah, little bit uptight...
- Patton: Yeah, little pasty, small dicky. On that note... speaking of small dicks! Put them hands up like this... side to side.

Before Stripsearch:
- Patton: This song starts out with a very famous Finnish hymn. Any of you guys religious out there?
- Roddy: Buy you're Finnish right?
- Patton: You're fucking Finnish so shut the fuck up, huh? I think you'll know this one. I think your parents probably taught it to you in school or you know, you may have had to sing it in church.
- Roddy: Try and feel it.
- Patton: You think? It's a little you know, it's a little angular... it's a little weird. It's very hard to count. Let's see what you can do ok? Ready?

Before This Guy's In Love With You:
- Patton: You guys got anything better to do? Is this thing on? Hey hey hey wait wait wait, now they're coming down. Look at these fucking assholes, what are they doing? Having a five star meal? How does fuck you sound?! Yeah yeah nice caviar yeah. Bring me some Foie gras bitch. What are they doing up there? I've been looking at em all night.
- Roddy: What do they do up there? Tell us.
- Patton: I would bungee jump if I were there...
- Roddy: Yeah we thought they were bungee jumping, it's not a bungee jump is it?
- Patton: It's not a bungee jump? So what is it?
- Roddy: They're just dining?
- Patton: They're drinking.
- Roddy: Does it cost a lot of money to go up on that thing?
- Patton: It's sounds like really vip.
- Roddy: Oh it's Finnish royalty?
- Bill: How come you guys aren't drinking? I haven't seen anybody with a drink.
- Patton: Yeah are you guys drinking out here?
- Roddy: Oh good.
- Patton: No you're not.
- Roddy: Thank god.
- Patton: Too many cameras.
- Bill: Raise your glass!
- Patton: Raise it! Water water water... jesus... it's ok, this one goes to those fuckheads over there.
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1989 Faith No More: International 1, Manchester England
1990 Faith No More: Paradise Club, Boston MA, USA
1992 Faith No More: CANCELLED Estadi Olimpic, Barcelona Spain
1997 Faith No More: Zetafest, Markham Park, Sunrise FL, USA
2001 Fantômas: Rock For People Festival, Cesky Brod Czech Republic
2005 Fantômas: Volleyball Stadium, Athens Greece
2010 Faith No More: Williamsburg Waterfront Brooklyn, New York NY, USA
2012 Faith No More: CANCELLED Rock For People Festival, Hradec Kralove Czech Republic
2014 Faith No More: Open'er Festival, Gdynia Poland
2022 Faith No More: CANCELLED Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart Germany