Faith No More
Monday, 10 August 2009
Lycabettus Amphitheatre
Athens, Greece
Reunited (Peaches & Herb)
From Out Of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Surprise! You're Dead!
Land Of Sunshine
Cuckoo for Caca
Easy (Commodores)
Ashes To Ashes
Midlife Crisis
interlude "Eastenders Theme"
I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Be Aggressive
Just a Man

Chariots Of Fire (Vangelis)
Digging the Grave

Midnight Cowboy (John Barry)
Secret Serpents poster
Audience recording
Faith No More's first ever gig in Greece.

Before Caffeine, Roddy: "Hello Athens! Thanks for having us here, we've never been here before, it's is our first time. Thank you thank you."

Before Evidence:
- Patton: You guys ok out there?
- Roddy: Oh! So many Greeks!
- Patton: That's a lot of fucking Greek shit out there.
- Roddy: Shit!
- Patton: You guys like that Greek shit? We're still friends now come on.
- Roddy: Sexy motherfucking Greeks.

Patton tries to get the crowd to single Evidence verses in Greek. Fails as usual. "Well apparently, there's nobody that speaks Greek out there, if you know what I mean?"

During last chorus of Easy, Patton: "It's ok, you can sing, don't be shy"

After Easy:
- Patton: I know you we just met and all but don't be shy you can sing!
- Roddy: Sexy motherfucking Greeks
- Patton: Fucking Greek sex in the house

Midlife Crisis pause, crowd sings, band plays Eastenders Theme, starts Midlife Crisis again.

After Midlife Crisis:
- Bill: Do you guys know that fucking song?
- Patton: We don't mean Midlife Crisis.
- Bill: First one that gets it right gets a shot of...
- Patton: The little thing we did in the middle, did you guys recognise? 
- Bill: Ok, how many Brits came here on Easyjet?
- Patton: Yeah yeah any Brits in the house? None?
- Roddy: Do you know that TV show?
- Patton: Shhh don't tell em. The first person who can name that thing gets a shot of my home made Honey Ouzo. Ok? So who knows? Mr tall tough guy thinks he knows.
- Roddy: Step right up contestants.
- Patton: You're big, you're big. He just said it, I read his lips, he said Eastenders come on up and have a drink fucker. Come on up.
- Roddy: A winner, we have a winner. Help this gentleman over the ?? gate please. Up he comes, up he comes.
- Patton: Mr. tea bag.
- Roddy: Oh look at him.???
- Patton: Come on man make it fast! Wait, who is this? I have no idea... Wait a minute. That's the guy that I was looking at. You know what, you can shut the fuck up, just shut up. Shut up. Tell you what, have a sit. You didn't win ok? You're just British and you thought you'd climb up here and fool all these Greeks! Heyhey, keep it, keep it quiet. Have a sip. 
- Roddy: It's an impostor!
- Patton: Now get the fuck out of here! Now the real winner is right here, this tall guy right here. Did you... Do you know him?! Somebody kick his fucking ass please.
- Bill: That's terrible! Just kick him the fuck out.
- Roddy: Don't let him get away with that!
- Patton: Wait wait wait I still want to give this guy a shot though. I know you're right there we'll get you a shot but we better play or people are gonna start getting mad. Ok? Yeah yeah just crowd surf that'll work. Come on up, jesus you're tall!

After Be Aggressive, Patton: "Olympic style"

Before Just A Man:
- Patton: Athens thank you! It's kind of a crazy crowd for the first time being here you know?
- Roddy: Crazy sexy fucking crowd.
- Patton: Shit! Damn straight. Do any other bands come here and tell you how sexy you are? No, they don't.

During first Just A Man verse, Patton: "Let me smell your fucking armpits"

Before Stripsearch:
- Patton: Shit I guess all of Athens didn't go on vacation huh? How many people actually live here, raise your hands. That's quite a few, actually. I would have thought that everybody who lived in this city would be the fuck out of here because it's so hot, right? Come... I would if I lived here shit. Ok, how many foreigners in the place. Where are we from where are we from?
- Bill: Albania?
- Patton: You baby faced motherfucker... Oh you're Greek. What you want to fuck me or something what? Ok what other foreigners we got? You, where you from? Netherlands? I don't know why I'm trying to have a conversation with an angry mob. It's kinda fun though. Where you from motherfucker? Esoloniki? You're not a foreigner! You're Greek! Jesus Christ. Is it that bad here? Wow, that's some racist bullshit. Oh, you want some herb? Oh you want the megaphone, ok. I thought you came over to smoke some weed.
- Roddy: Yeah he was going like this...
- Patton: He's going like this which means either he wants to suck my dick or smoke some weed.
- Roddy: I though he wanted some butthole, he was like...
- Patton: sorry I get a little caught up in the vaguest thing, check this out...

After Digging The Grave, Patton: "Athens. Thank you so much for listening. Fucking great being here. Nice to see you. Hope we come back soon. Drive safe."
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