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"Early in the year they find themselves in Bangkok recording debut album Tu Plang - giant moths, a studio owned by a political Thai popstar with a love for harley`s and guitars, crocodiles and a bizarre walk on live performance at a Thai disco using the house bands gear. Tu Plang was released coinciding with a guest spot on the Red Hot Chili Peppers tour of Australia in April 96, closely followed by a headline Australian tour with the special guest from Japan, the Boredoms. Next up... a short USA tour with God Lives Underwater coinciding with US release of the New EP and Sucked A lot of Cock to Get Where I am on 7” vinyl through SubPop. Then on to Japan and Australia in late 96 with CIV from NYC. Tu Plang released in Thailand, Japan and Europe. Chalked up 2 ARIA awards in Nov 96... "
Date Venue State/Country Has setlist!
03 JanWednesday
Homebake, Byron Bay NSW, Australia Has partial setlist!
05 JanFriday
Byron Arts Festival, Byron Bay NSW, Australia
18 JanThursday
Squid, Auckland New Zealand
19 JanFriday
Big Day Out, Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland New Zealand
21 JanSunday
Big Day Out, Gold Coast QLD, Australia
25 JanThursday
Big Day Out, Showgrounds, Sydney NSW, Australia
27 JanSaturday
Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC, Australia Has setlist!
28 JanSunday
Big Day Out, Melbourne VIC, Australia
02 FebFriday
Big Day Out, Adelaide SA, Australia
03 FebSaturday
Grosvenor, Perth WA, Australia
04 FebSunday
Big Day Out, Perth WA, Australia
23 AprTuesday
Warners Showcase, Annandale Hotel, Sydney NSW, Australia
24 AprWednesday
Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC, Australia
25 AprThursday
Anzac Day Anarchy, PBS Benefit, Melbourne VIC, Australia
06 MayMonday
Melbourne Park, Melbourne VIC, Australia
07 MayTuesday
Melbourne Park, Melbourne VIC, Australia
08 MayWednesday
Chocolate Ball, Palace, Melbourne VIC, Australia
09 MayThursday
Planet, Perth WA, Australia
10 MayFriday
Perth Entertainment Centre, Perth WA, Australia
11 MaySaturday
Adelaide Uni, Adelaide SA, Australia
12 MaySunday
Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide SA, Australia
14 MayTuesday
Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney NSW, Australia
15 MayWednesday
Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney NSW, Australia
17 MayFriday
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane QLD, Australia Has setlist from memory!
06 JunThursday
Great Northern, Byron Bay NSW, Australia
07 JunFriday
Playroom, Gold Coast QLD, Australia Has setlist!
08 JunSaturday
All-Ages, The Roxy, Brisbane QLD, Australia
08 JunSaturday
Over-18s, The Roxy, Brisbane QLD, Australia
09 JunSunday
Corner Hotel, Richmond VIC, Australia
10 JunMonday
All-Ages, Corner Hotel, Richmond VIC, Australia
10 JunMonday
Over-18s, Corner Hotel, Richmond VIC, Australia
11 JunTuesday
?? Triple J Live Interview, Sydney NSW, Australia
12 JunWednesday
ANU Bar, Canberra ACT, Australia
13 JunThursday
Newcastle Uni, Newcastle NSW, Australia
14 JunFriday
Waves, Wollongong NSW, Australia
15 JunSaturday
All ages, Metro, Sydney NSW, Australia
15 JunSaturday
Over 18s, Metro, Sydney NSW, Australia Has setlist!
21 JunFriday
Indyfest 500, Adelaide Uni, Adelaide SA, Australia
22 JunSaturday
Over 18s, Planet, Perth WA, Australia
22 JunSaturday
All Ages, Planet, Perth WA, Australia
23 JunSunday
Over 18s, Planet, Perth WA, Australia
08 JulMonday
Brownies, New York USA
09 JulTuesday
?? New York USA
10 JulWednesday
Atomic Cafe, Phoenix Arizona USA
11 JulThursday
Brick By Brick, San Diego USA
12 JulFriday
Dragonfly, Los Angeles USA
13 JulSaturday
Toes Tavern, Santa Barbera USA
16 JulTuesday
El Dorado, Carmichael USA
17 JulWednesday
The Edge, Palo Alto USA
18 JulThursday
Venue, Sacremento USA
20 JulSaturday
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco USA
26 JulFriday
Townsville Entertainment Centre, Townsville QLD, Australia
27 JulSaturday
Kuranda Ampitheatre, Cairns QLD, Australia
04 AugSunday
Save The ABC, The Domain, Sydney NSW, Australia
10 AugSaturday
Save The ABC, King George Square, Brisbane QLD, Australia
21 SepSaturday
Shelter, Tokyo Japan
22 SepSunday
Atlantic Club, Nagoya Japan
23 SepMonday
Sun Hall, Osaka Japan
24 SepTuesday
Wo'hol, Osaka Japan Has setlist!
28 SepSaturday
All-Ages, Planet, Perth WA, Australia
28 SepSaturday
Planet, Perth WA, Australia
29 SepSunday
Selinas, Sydney NSW, Australia
30 SepMonday
ARIA Awards, Sydney NSW, Australia
02 OctWednesday
Over 18s, Palace, Melbourne VIC, Australia
02 OctWednesday
All ages, Palace, Melbourne VIC, Australia
04 OctFriday
Adelaide Uni, Adelaide SA, Australia
05 OctSaturday
The Zoo, Brisbane QLD, Australia
05 OctSaturday
Livid Festival, Brisbane QLD, Australia Has setlist!
06 OctSunday
Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay NSW, Australia
08 OctTuesday
CANCELLED Hordern Pavilion, Sydney NSW, Australia
26 OctSaturday
Easy Cheese, Festival Hall, Brisbane QLD, Australia
22 NovFriday
Darwin High School Pavilion, Darwin NT, Australia
28 DecSaturday
Homebake, Sydney NSW, Australia
29 DecSunday
Prince Of Wales, Melbourne VIC, Australia Has partial setlist!
30 DecMonday
Rock Above The Falls, Melbourne VIC, Australia
31 DecTuesday
NYE (in living stereo), Festival Hall, Brisbane QLD, Australia