Pogogo Show
Saturday, 20 January 2018
Pogogo Show, Music Play Families Festival 2018
Melbourne Recital Centre
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Favourite Song
I Don't Wanna Dog
Games On My Computer
Black Bugs
I'm A Duck
Pigeon Riding On A Motorcycle
The Box
Ghost Cat
I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am
lyrics updated to "I Sucked A Lollypop"
Mr Butt
Farting Is A Part Of Life
! (The Song Formerly Known As)
The Really Really Really Really Boring Album cover
Unit cover
Other cover
Tu-Plang cover
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Song names from setlist, may change?
In Elisabeth Murdoch Hall at the Melbourne Recital Centre, a show for kids with mostly new kids songs.
On This Day:
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