Saturday, 30 December 1995
The Roxy
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
with FEL, The Mark Of Cain, The Melniks and Emporium
Setlist albums:
Other cover Other 7
New cover New 7
Regurgitator cover Regurgitator 5
Tu-Plang cover Tu-Plang 3
Dub of de Blood
Social Disaster
Couldn't Do It
Kong Foo Sing
Like It Like That
In One Ear And Out The Other
Soldier Boy (The Shirelles)
Blubber Boy
Nothing To Say
Christmas Song
Pop Porn
Clean Shit Off
Cops Are Cunts
Power Tool
Hang Up
Track 1
Aid Old School
Exodus (Bob Marley)
Setlist from a copy of the setlist from the night (thanks JAL)
Guessing "Clean Shit Off" is probably FSO.
"Christmas Song" is presumably a cover based on the night?
"Aid Old School"... A cover?
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