Friday, 01 March 2013
Beating Heart
Hong Kong, China
Details of this gig are questioned.
[No setlist details]
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Regurgitator on Facebook says - "Because our residency at Beatingheart was cut short by Family comittments we will be going all out for you this Friday! Two separate sets. One All Pop and the other all Hiphop! Oh BTW it's also an 80s party and we will be dressing accordingly. Casey will be spinning 80s classix in between to keep you partying like Corey Haim!"

From Ticketflap: "Alas n Alack we've got to go back! Due to commitments in Aus this will be the last HK Show for Regurgitator for a little while… But we'll go all out for you. 2 themed sets. 1st Hiphop - 2nd pop/80s/rock.

The dress theme is 1984. We will be glammoured up accordingly. Casey will be spinning the finest 80s Classix to get your reeboks pumped. We trust you'll join us!"
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