Faith No More
Monday, 02 July 2012
Stadium Live
Moscow, Russia
supported by RADIO ЧАЧА
Woodpecker From Mars
interlude Tom Jones, "Delilah"
Midlife Crisis
interlude Eduard Khill, "Trololo Song"
Land of Sunshine
Last Cup of Sorrow
Digging the Grave
Easy (Commodores)
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes
Just a Man

Ajde Jano (Serbian Folk Song)

We Care a Lot
From "Note: Before the second encore a staged protest was held by local female activists, supporting the infamous russian punk rock band Pussy Riot. Mike and Roddy performed "We Care a Lot" with look-alike Pussy Riot masks."

Midlife Crisis pause, crowd sings, Patton sings Trololo Song. The band messes up a bit going back into Midlife Crisis and Patton laughs.

During Helpless intro:
- Patton: What, just because you're sitting up there you think you're better than them?

Before Easy:
- Patton: Hey hey. OK so far, cool?
- Roddy: You want it hard? You want it loud? You want it angry?!
- Patton: Fast?!

During Easy intro:
- Patton: I fuck you like bunny rabbit

Before Just A Man:
- Roddy: Moscow, you are a delight!
- Patton: We've got one more song for ya. We'd like to thank radio Radio ЧАЧА.
- Roddy: Please, a big hand for Radio ЧАЧА. Come on, a big hand for Radio ЧАЧА. Thank you.
- Patton: Last song. You know what to do, put those fucking hands up like this, fucking reach the sky.

Before Spirit:
- Roddy: Thank you very much friends, thank you. Thanks a lot for having us. It's great to be back here in your country, thank you, thank you so much. We're gonna play a song off our first record, I don't know if you have that one.
- Patton: I thought it was the second one.
- Roddy: Is it?
- Patton: I think so.
- Roddy: Is it on We Care A Lot, or the other one...
- Patton: No no, I bought it.
- Roddy: It's on the second record.
- Patton: I have it on cassette.
- Bill: How many people here were alive in 1987?
- Patton: Were you alive in 1987?
- Bill: That's when we did this song.
- Patton: Yeah I'm talking to you, yes.

Pussy Riot invade the stage before We Care A Lot.
Roddy and Patton wear Pussy Riot balaclavas during We Care A Lot.

After We Care A Lot:
- Roddy: Thank you so much Moscow. So fun, thanks for coming tonight. Good night.
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Year Venue State/Country
1991 Naked City: Jazz at the Rock, Rocca Sforzesca, Imola Italy
1992 Faith No More: Alvalade Stadium, Lisbon Portugal
1993 Faith No More: Eurockéennes de Belfort, Presqu'île de Malsaucy, Belfort France
1998 Fantômas: Knitting Factory (Early show), New York NY, USA
1998 Fantômas: Knitting Factory (Late show), New York NY, USA
2000 Fantômas: Museo Pecci, Florence Italy
2001 Fantômas: Columbriafritz, Berlin Germany
2005 Rahzel: Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Denmark
2005 Fantômas: Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Denmark
2010 Faith No More: Williamsburg Waterfront Brooklyn, New York NY, USA
2020 Faith No More: CANCELLED Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Denmark
2022 Faith No More: CANCELLED Rock Werchter, Werchter Belgium