Faith No More
Friday, 07 April 1989
San Francisco, CA, USA
with Primus
[No setlist details]
Likely the gig commonly discussed where Patton cut his hand. The band took a break after this gig so Patton and Jim could have hand surgery. Jim's hand still needed work after breaking it in a fight during the 1988 Europe tour.

Michael Snyder - San Francisco Chronical, 9th July 1989:
"A couple of months ago, Patton could have written a symphony of misery. The occasion was a video shoot for the new LP at an I Beam gig. First, Patton cracked his front tooth in half on his mike stand. Then, during the band's cover of the Black Sabbath number, "War Pigs," Patton lost his footing, tumbled forward and smashed his hand against a broken bottle on the edge of the stage, severing a tendon. He finished the show and, the next day, spent 5 1/2 hours in microscopic reconstructive surgery. "The nerve is growing back," he said, "and we got it all on film.""
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