Faith No More
Saturday, 11 March 1989
Night Moves
Huntington Beach, CA, USA
with Falling Idols and Hangmen
Chinese Arithmetic
no piano part at end
R n' R
Paradise (Sade)
Introduce Yourself
The Real Thing
Underwater Love
From Out Of Nowhere
The Crab Song
Falling To Pieces
As The Worm Turns
Surprise! You're Dead!
Woodpecker From Mars

We Care A Lot
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
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Orange County Register (Cary Darling) - March 10, 1989:
"It's been a while since Faith No More has had any new music in the marketplace, but that will be rectified in late May when its "The Real Thing" LP is released. Meanwhile, this group's ferocious rock-funk-pop mix -- exemplified in the explosive KROQ hit "We Care A Lot" -- can be experienced in the flesh in area shows. Faith No More plays Night Moves in Huntington Beach Saturday night."

It's Faith No More Gig Database's opinion that this gig is the venue seen in the "Bogart's Long Beach" video. Setlist information is from that video.

Los Angeles Times, 10 March 1989, page 129, Happenings
Los Angeles Times, 5 Mar 1989, Night Moves ad, page 70
Before The Crab Song: "How you feeling Puffy? This here is Puffy and he doesn't feel good. Everybody say "poor puffy". He never really feels good anyway." - "Is this that song? This is that song."
Before Falling To Pieces: "This is dedicated to a fan of ours Mr Adam Clayton of U2."
Before As The Worm Turns: "This song was written before I was motherfucking born."
Before We Care A Lot Patton laments about singing with "this band".
Before War Pigs: "This should be an ugly motherfucker to end the evening."
On This Day:
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1995 Faith No More: Manchester University, Manchester England
2000 Mr. Bungle: Selinas, Sydney NSW, Australia
2002 Tomahawk: Garage, Glasgow Scotland