Mr. Bungle
Sunday, 03 March 1991
The Omni
Oakland, CA, USA
Star Wars Medley
Slowly Growing Deaf
Stubb (A Dub)
My Ass Is On Fire
Squeeze Me Macaroni
Dead Goon
Girls Of Porn/Freedom
Mr.Nice Guy
Love Is A Fist
Existential Blues/Pencil Neck Geek
San Francisco Examiner, 10 Feb 1991, page 45 Datebook, The Omni ad
San Francisco Examiner, 17 Feb 1991, The Omni ad
San Francisco Examiner, 23 Feb 1991, The Omni ad
Members: Dunn - Heifetz - Lengyel - McKinnon - Patton - Spruance 
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2008 Mike Patton & Zu: Circolo degli Artisti, Rome Italy
2015 Faith No More: Westfest Festival, Alexandra Park, Auckland New Zealand
2017 Return To Roots: Slim's, San Francisco CA, USA