Faith No More
Saturday, 20 August 2016
Chuck Mosley and Friends
Los Angeles, CA, USA
supported by Saint James Society, Gary Jacob
The Crab Song
Introduce Yourself
The Jungle
As the Worm Turns
New Beginnings
Arabian Disco
Mark Bowen
We Care a Lot
with original album lyrics
Why Do You Bother?

Pills For Breakfast
Anne's Song
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Chuck's setlist:
Originally advertised as Chuck Mosley and Friends. Sold out quickly after advertised as Chuck fronting Faith No More.

Before The Jungle:
- Roddy: Ladies and gentlemen good evening. Thanks for being here. Big hand for Chuck. We are the backup band and we're happy to be, so thanks.
- Chuck: True that. OK, I'm ready.

Before Spirit:
- Chuck: You guys are very nice, thank you. Love you all all all of you.
- Roddy: And very nice of you to show up.
- Chuck: True, really, totally
- Roddy: We're just doing two shows with this line up, because we re-released our first record on Billy's label, it's really nice of him. We though it'd be really fun. Revisiting these songs is a crazy place, they're such weird songs, to us they are, looking back on it, like what we did at that point... they're so weird. I don't know, we believed in them so much when we were kids, I was just thinking when we were playing that last song, we were so devoted to this weird sound, it's really an odd thing. That's my take up here, that's where I was in the last song, "These are really fuckin' weird songs." Chuck is so weird. Right? Next song.
- Chuck: (after a long pause) Well thanks for having me

Before New Beginnings:
- Chuck: Oh that's right, sorry. I was busy pulling up my pants.

Before Mark Bowen:
- Chuck: But yeah, I'm home sick. I wanna go home.
- Roddy: Just ah, you can keep talking or do whatever you want to do. This is a song about our first guitar player.
- (drum riff starts, Chuck says, "Love", they stop)
- Roddy: That's how we started it back in the day. We used to just do a little snippet, then a breath.
- Chuck: Hold on!
- Roddy: The old school version.

The crowd chants Faith No More on return for encore:
- Roddy: I love it. It's a great little number, did you guys write that? It's good!

Before Anne's Song:
- Roddy: Thank you, for indulging.
- Chuck: Thanks guys! I man for them. Um, What? Oh right. Wait, what do you guys want to hear? We didn't practice that one. We have to practice.

After Anne's Song:
- Chuck: Thank you.
- Roddy: Thanks so much you guys, thanks an awful lot. See you again.
- Chuck: Thank you guys, thanks for having me.
Roddy: How about...
On This Day:
Year Venue State/Country
1989 Faith No More: Bogart's, Cincinnati OH, USA
1992 Faith No More: CANCELLED Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA, USA
1997 Faith No More: Cinerama, Tel Aviv Israel
1999 Mr. Bungle: Deep Ellum, Dallas TX, USA
2000 Mr. Bungle: Libro Festival, Hamburg Germany
2002 Tomahawk: New Haven Coliseum, New Haven CT, USA
2004 Rahzel: Paredes De Coura Festival, Porto Portugal
2009 Faith No More: Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt Belgium